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4 Biggest Sunburn Mistakes and How to Fix Them!

Chances are none of us will make it through the summer without getting some sort of sunburn, so let’s talk about how to best heal and repair your skin. During my time working at a hotel spa in Miami, I can’t even begin to tell you how many clients would book facials after a long day of sunbathing and think I could magically cure their sunburn. Here’s a money saving tip: don’t get facials when you have a sunburn! Why? When you get a sunburn, your skin is essentially telling you “I’m injured.” Now, this “injury” can range from very mild to severe, but regardless of the severity the focus should now be on how to heal and repair your skin, not treat it.

Here are the biggest sunburn “skin care” mistakes I’ve seen:


1. Scrubbing away flaking skin

Big no-no. I know it goes against our instinct to want to peel off and remove this skin, but doing this only makes the sunburn worse. 

2. Charcoal or clay masks

Now the idea of a mask is good in theory, but be careful which type you use. Stay far away from charcoal or clay masks as they are very drying.

3. Heat exposure

Whether it’s the sauna, steam room or washing your face with hot water, heat is a sunburn’s worst enemy.


4. Not switching up your face wash

When you have a sunburn, you need to change to a very gentle cleanser until your skin heals. Chances are the cleanser you regularly use will only continue to dry out your skin and prolong the healing process.

Now we know what the biggest mistakes are, so what are the alternatives? Below are the 4 solutions:

1. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Whether you see flaking skin or not, sunburns are a sign of dehydrated skin and need moisture. Resist the urge to peel off flaking skin, and instead apply hydrating creams or oils to your skin. Also, don’t limit this application to just once or twice per day. Bring your moisturizer with you and re-apply whenever the skin feels tight, dry or irritated. 

2. Hydrating Masks

Masks can help heal, soothe and offer relief from sunburn irritation, just make sure you choose the right type. For sunburns, choose masks with buzzwords like hydrating, cooling and reparative. Ingredients like aloe, vitamin E, yogurt and coconut oil are also great for sunburns.

3. Stay Cool

Try to stay away from anything that generates more heat in your skin. Take cool showers, use cold water to wash your face and apply cold compresses to reduce redness.


4. Change Your Face Wash

The gentler, the better. Ideal types to use are cream or oil cleansers. If using Here as your cleanser, allow the tablet to fully dissolve to provide a nice gentle cleanse. Try blending with your favorite oil for extra nourishment.

So there’s your sunburn plan of action, hope it helps!

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